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Migration and Social Transformation book: Engaged Perspectives

The CSEM’s Publisher in partnership with Machdohnil Ltd. presents the book Migration and Social Transformation: Engaged Perspectives. The book edited by Ronaldo Munck (Centre for Engaged Research at Dublin City University), Tanja Kleibl (Professor for Social Work, Migration and Diversity at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) and Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg), Maria de Carmo dos Santos Gonçalves (Centro Scalabriniano de Estudos Migratórios, Brazil)CSEM), Petra Daňková (Research associate at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg – Schweinfurt ) emerged as an initiative of the Migration and Social Transformation Network.

This volume is the first product of the emerging Migration Social Transformation Network (MSTN) connecting actors (teachers, researchers, civil activists, social workers) from different fields of knowledge and experience in migration and refuge studies and actions. In light of insertions located in different geographical contexts of research and practice, the network is committed to promoting a new agenda that aims to transform research on migration/refuge through an active partnership approach with society, to meet the pressing social needs of migrants who suffer a series of processes of exclusion, non-recognition, invisibility, marked by racial, gender and class differences.

The book has three sections. The first, entitled “Perspectives” presents a critical approach to the main challenges faced by migration research today. The second part of the book focuses on experiences, based on theoretical and practical knowledge, exposing important questions about the methodological and operational approaches that integrate the “know-how with” of the authors in the field of migrations in the contexts of Africa, Europe, and Latin America. In the third part of the book called “Interventions” the authors dialogue directly with a series of issues related to social work with migrants and refugees. The work will also be available in Spanish in the coming months.

The book in English is available for free download HERE.

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