5 de outubro de 2018

Amnesty International

Thousands of women and girls fleeing persecution and conflict undertake extremely difficult and dangerous journeys to Greece. This publication focuses on their voices and in doing so shines a light on the immense courage and strength with which uprooted women and girls are responding to their situation. Some have fled sexual and physical violence and discrimination in their countries of origin only to face further violence and abuse on the road at the hands of people smugglers, border guards, state officials or relatives. The hardships of the journey are not accidental. On the contrary, Europe’s closure of borders to people seeking protection is exposing women and girls in particular to foreseeable risks. With no possibility to travel legally, women and girls are compelled to make a journey fraught with risks in the hope that Europe will provide a place of safety where lives can be slowly rebuilt. For many, those hopes are shattered on arrival in Greece.