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I TOOK UP THE CASE OF THE STRANGER (Job 29:16) Towards a Theology of Human Mobility in Africa

Fabio Baggio – Mesmin-Prosper Massengo, Samuel de Jesus Paquete

Human mobility is an enduring and growing phenomenon in Africa’s history. Today it remains an important component of all aspects of the region’s affairs. In recent years, the number of labour migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, victims of human trafficking and internally displaced persons (IDPs) has notably increased in many African countries due to persisting ethnic, religious and political conflicts, activities of terrorist groups, land degradation and harsh climatic conditions, and worsening socio-economic conditions in origin countries. However, due to lack of resources and the appropriate political will, most receiving countries are unable to offer an adequate response to the challenges posed by all these different forms of human mobility in order to provide a welcoming and secure environment and protection to the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their tormented homes. Today human mobility in Africa poses serious challenges to the Catholic Church, whose doors are often those knocked daily by migrants and refugees, seeking material and spiritual answers to their plight.

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