A Friendly Visit to the Scalabrini International Migration Network Office and the Center for Migration Studies in Manhattan, New York, U.S.A.

On March 09, 2015, Sr. Melany Grace D. Illana, mscs, a staff member of the Centro Scalabriniano de Estudos Migratorios, had the opportunity to stay in New York City, USA for a few days and made a friendly visit to the two offices owned and managed by the Scalabrinian Priests, namely the Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) and the Center for Migration Studies (CMS). The SIMN and the CMS are located in the same building in Manhattan, New York. Sr. Melany’s purpose of visit was to meet the personnel from SIMN and CMS and to establish networking with the CSEM.

Fr. Jose Mario Zambiasi, cs, the Finance Manager of SIMN, was the main person who received Sr. Melany’s visit and introduced to her their nature of work through their website and library. Fr. Zambiasi toured Sr. Melany in their 4 story building which includes their big library, a conference room, the CMS office and the SIMN office.

The visit was so pleasing with the warm smiles and hospitality from the staff members of SIMN and CMS. Sr. Melany was grateful to know both offices and their works and for the availability of Fr. Jose Mario Zambiasi. Fr. Leonir Chiarello, the Executive Director of SIMN and Donald Kerwin, the Executive Director for CMS of New York, were out of the country during Sr. Melany’s friendly visit.


From left to right:Daniela Alulema – CMS Administrative Coordinator, Sr. Melany Grace D. Illana,mscs, Fr. Jose Mario Zambiasi, cs – SIMN Finance Project Manager and J. Rachel Reyes–CMS Communications Coordinator