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Sr. Leocádia Mezzomo, mscs Postulator of the Canonization Cause

For Christians who admire them, the saints and the blessed are important references in life and in the journey of faith. Therefore, to celebrate Blessed Assunta, for the Scalabrinian Missionary Sisters and for all those who knew and admired her, means to remember the great woman who, born in Italy, migrated among the migrants who searched for bread away from the homeland that saw them born.

In Brazilian lands, Mother Assunta Marchetti was a missionary “Migrant for the love of migrants”, where her presence and action left a mark and a legacy that still shines today, particularly through her dedication to orphans, to the sick, to the elderly and the migrants. Her life as a Christian and as a Scalabrinian consecrated woman are inspiring examples.

Through her simple and humble lifestyle, Mother Assunta was able to understand in between the lines of events how to live her faith with the radicality of her holiness. With the people she worked with, her sisters and the Church authorities, her attitudes, words and gestures reflected the vision and wisdom of faith, hope and love that characterized her.  She used to say and write to her sisters, particularly during the two terms she served as superior general of the religious institute: “Let’s go! Let’s put ourselves in God’s hands and do his will”.

The living of Christian values and those proper to the religious state of Assunta Marchetti were recognized as being heroic by the theologians of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. After this official declaration by the Church, sanctioned by Pope Benedict XVI, the extraordinary miracle achieved through her intercession was recognized. These two facts, virtuous life and miracle, have led Pope Francis to declare her blessed on October 25, 2014.

She will once again be recognized on October 5, 2024, and her inspiration will be shared by the Sisters and also by witnesses to how the mission she started continues to be renewed, experienced and reinvented by the Scalabrinian Missionary Sisters who are following her steps.

To attend the online seminar on October 5th, follow the link below:

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