World Court Rules Against Myanmar on Rohingya

23 de janeiro de 2020|

International Court of Justice Unanimously Orders Measures to Prevent Genocide   (Brussels) – The International Court of Justice (ICJ) order on January 23, 2020 directing Myanmar to prevent all genocidal acts against Rohingya Muslims is crucial for protecting the remaining Rohingya in Rakhine State, Human [...]

Congreso investiga muertes de niños migrantes en la frontera

19 de janeiro de 2020|

Se explicó que estos niños migrantes eran provenientes de Centroamérica y que todos habrían muerto por condiciones médicas prevenibles, que no fueron tratadas. La Subcomisión de Seguridad Nacional de la Cámara de Representantes llevó a cabo este martes una audiencia sobre los esfuerzos para prevenir [...]

Uzbekistan sustains poverty by blocking internal migration

19 de janeiro de 2020|

Uzbeks are far less likely than people from similarly sized countries to move to a city. That hurts the economy and, indirectly, tears families apart. Economists generally agree that migration drives growth. Internal migration, from rural (and usually poorer regions) to cities, has historically underwritten [...]

EU prepares for migration wave amid Libya crisis

19 de janeiro de 2020|

Not acting ad hoc is ‘very important’ strands in our thinking for migration policy, says EU Commission spokeswoman BRUSSELS  EU will be prepared in case of any migration wave from Libya amid crisis in the region, an EU official said on Wednesday. “Being prepared, not [...]

How Caste Impacts Migration And Its Benefits

19 de janeiro de 2020|

Mumbai: Poverty and lack of opportunity in their hometowns drove 93 million Indians from disadvantaged castes and tribes in 2011 to migrate to other areas within their states in the hope of securing education or employment. However. they continue to face social segregation, labour market [...]