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ILO global estimates on migrant workers

International Labour Organization

Results and methodology - Special focus on migrant domestic workers

The statistical study provides estimates of the proportion of labour migrant workers among the total number of migrants worldwide. It outlines the regions and industries where international migrant workers are established and includes a specific focus on migrants in domestic work with updated numbers.

According to recent ILO estimates, there are 150.3 million migrant workers in the world. Of these, 11.5 million are migrant domestic workers. The term “migrant worker” refers to all international migrants who are currently employed or are unemployed and seeking employment in their present country of residence. The data on migrant workers that have been used to calculate the estimates refer to migrant workers in the country of destination and measure the migrant stocks in 2013

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Four in five Swedes worried about racism


 Swedes are more worried about an increase in xenophobia in Sweden than they are about the increase in immigration, a new study found on Tuesday.

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Amnistía Internacional pide el fin de la explotación de trabajadores migrantes en Catar


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