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Migration Trends Across the Mediterranean: Connecting the Dots

 Once, “Mare Nostrum” used to express the Roman conception of the Mediterranean as a common economic, cultural and political space. After a checkered history of imperialist ambitions, the phrase was most recently reinvented as the name of the Italian maritime rescue operation put in place after a shipwreck on 3 October 2013 had led to the death of 366 migrants, until its suspension in late 2014.

The sea route to Europe: The Mediterranean passage in the age of refugees

 In the first six months of this year, 137,000 refugees and migrants crossed the Mediterranean Sea, travelling in terrible conditions upon unsafe boats and dinghies. Many more tried, but didn’t make it. In mid-April 2015, 800 people died in the largest refugee shipwreck on record, highlighting a staggering increase in refugees and migrants dying or missing at sea.

Global Trends Report - Forced Displacement in 2014

Global forced displacement has seen accelerated growth in 2014, once again reaching unprecedented levels. The year saw the highest displacement on record. By end-2014, 59.5 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or human rights violations. This is 8.3 million persons more than the year before (51.2 million) and the highest annual increase in a single year.

Dinámicas Migratorias en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC), y entre ALC y la Unión Europea

 Las dinámicas y procesos migratorios en ALC y entre esta región y la UE datan de varios siglos. Lo que se ha modificado a lo largo del tiempo son especificidades en la conformación y cantidad de flujos y stock, así como en los destinos preferenciales, que varían dependiendo del momento histórico y los contextos económicos, políticos, sociales y ambientales.

Global Overview 2015: people internally displaced by conflict and violence

 As of the end of 2014, 38 million people around the world had been forced to flee their homes by conflict and violence. Never in the last 10 years of IDMC’s global reporting, have we reported such a high estimate for the number of people newly displaced in a year.

Diagnóstico sobre la caracterización de la Población Hondureña retornada con Necesidades de Protección

 Con el objetivo de contribuir al entendimiento y visibilización de las nuevas tendencias de desplazamiento forzado por violencia en Honduras, este informe presenta los resultados de una caracterización de la población hondureña migrante retornada con necesidades de protección. Esta categoría estaría conformada por todas aquellas personas que salieron del país por un temor fundado de persecución por parte de grupos criminales y/o que huían de situaciones graves en las que está amenazada su vida, seguridad y libertad, razón por la cual pueden enfrentar problemas de protección al regresar al país y/o localidad de origen.

Dalla protezione delle frontiere alla salvaguardia della vita: allineare il diritto dell’Ue con quello delle Nazioni Unite

idi itaLa ricerca di una nuova ed efficace politica per il governo dei flussi migratori da parte dell’Unione Europea è percorsa da polemiche senza fine sul contenuto e le prospettive del programma “Triton”, che ha preso il posto dell’operazione “Mare Nostrum”.

UNHCR Asylum Trends 2014

idi euaThis report summarizes patterns and trends in the number of individual asylum claims(2)
submitted in Europe and selected non-European countries during 2014.

Migrações Internacionais de Retorno no Brasil

Segundo o Censo de 2010, 65,6% (ou 174.597 mil indivíduos) dos imigrantes internacionais no Brasil são nacionais, ou seja, imigrantes de retorno, sendo estes, majoritariamente, provenientes dos Estados Unidos (43,72%), Japão (36,88%) e Paraguai (13,74%).

O Estado dos Direitos Humanos no Mundo 2014/2015

 O relatório anual da Anistia Internacional fornece uma visão abrangente dos direitos humanos em 160 países durante 2014 – a versão em português cobre 62 países. 

No Place to Turn: Violence against women in the Iraq conflict

 The international community is increasingly recognizing that genderbased violence is a constant feature in conflict situations. In military confrontations, women’s bodies often become one of the terrains of war. Physical, emotional and sexual violence perpetrated against women and girls has been used to impose political agendas, humiliate opponents, and destroy entire communities. Violence against women is not merely a side effect of conflict, but an integral part of it. The situation that women in Iraq are facing today is a stark illustration of this phenomenon.

Thailand Migration Report 2014

International migration makes a significant contribution to economic and social development in Thailand but in 2014 many key aspects of migration policy remain unresolved. These include the establishment of a migration management system that ensures that most migrants are in a regular status, the slow preparations for the ASEAN Community, trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, and the situation of displaced persons along the Myanmar border.

Hardship, hope and resettlement: refugees from Syria tell their stories

 4 million refugees have fled the ongoing brutal conflict in Syria, which has claimed the lives of over 190,000 people and broken apart homes, families, livelihoods and any sense of a normal life. This briefing highlights the stories of eight families and individuals from Syria who have escaped the conflict. Due to their extreme vulnerability and the harsh living conditions they face, the refugees interviewed here need to be resettled to another safe country outside of the immediate region.

Desafios para o Enfrentamento ao Tráfico de Pessoas

 A coletânea Cadernos Temáticos sobre Tráfico de Pessoas apresenta, neste quinto volume, uma coleção de estudos acerca dos desafios ao enfrentamento ao Tráfico de Pessoas, segundo a perspectiva dos autores.

Migração e Tráfico de Pessoas

 A coletânea Cadernos Temáticos sobre Tráfico de Pessoas apresenta, neste segundo volume, uma coleção de estudos que abordam o tema central desta publicação, em face da questão das migrações, segundo a perspectiva dos autores.

UNHCR observations on the current asylum system in Greece

 This paper assesses the current asylum system in Greece and notes developments in particular since the last publication of UNHCR’s Observations on the current situation of asylum in Greece and the M.S.S. v Greece and Belgium judgment.


idi itaRapporto annuale dell'ISTAT sulle migrazioni interne e internazionali in Italia. Anno 2013.

MULHER MIGRANTE: Agente de resistência e transformação

 No contexto das pesquisas sobre migrações internacionais, as análises feitas desde uma perspectiva de gênero – em particular aquelas focadas nas mulheres migrantes – vêm ganhando sistematicamente um maior espaço no debate acadêmico e político. A intensificação da participação das mulheres como primeiras protagonistas dos fluxos migratórios internacionais é algo que chama a atenção quantitativamente, mas, por outro lado, é expressiva a contribuição que traz a análise qualitativa dessa modalidade de migração, uma vez que sugerem implicações sociais das mais diversificadas, devido à centralidade histórica que a figura da mulher detém no núcleo familiar e comunitário.

Left out in the cold: Syrian refugees abandoned by the international community

 The three-year-old conflict in Syria has created one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent history. So far, nearly half of the country’s population has been forced to leave their homes and 3.8 million of those fleeing have become refugees in neighbouring countries. The staggering scale of the refugee crisis has pushed the capacity of the main host countries to the limit. The response of the international community has been wholly inadequate relative to the magnitude of the displacement.

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2014

 In 2010, just a few months short of the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the Trafficking in Persons Protocol, Member States renewed their commitment to the fight against trafficking in persons by adopting the United Nations Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons (contained in General Assembly resolution 64/293). In the framework of the Global Plan of Action, the General Assembly mandated UNODC to collect information and publish a Global Report on Trafficking in Persons every two years.


Danimarca: dati allarmanti sull’integrazione delle donne immigrate nel mercato del lavoro


Donne immigrate da Paesi non occidentali ricevono da anni assistenza dal welfare statale, senza migliorare la propria condizione.

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Morelos y Los Ángeles unen esfuerzos para defender a migrantes mexicanos


Graco Ramírez dijo que en la defensa de los migrantes “vamos a ser enérgicos y efectivos para poder lograrlo; y seguir trabajando para abrir brecha entre los actores políticos de México y Estados Unidos”


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