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La situación de las personas refugiadas en España 2012

idi spa2011 ha sido al año de las revueltas del mundo árabe, de la hambruna en el Cuerno de África y del recrudecimiento del conflicto en Costa de Marfil, mientras por estas circunstancias, y otras muchas, la cifra de personas refugiadas en el mundo no deja de crecer.

Trafficking in human beings - European Commission

idi eua23.632 people were identified or presumed victims of trafficking in the EU over the 2008-2010 period.

Study on educational support for newly arrived migrant children

idi euaNewly arrived migrant children are more likely to face segregation and end up in schools with fewer resources, according to a new study conducted for the European Commission.

Fundamental rights at Europe’s southern sea borders

idi euaThis report examines the conditions at Europe’s southern sea borders with respect to the most fundamental rights of a person, the right to life and the right not to be sent back to torture, persecution or inhuman treatment.

Human Trafficking in the Middle East

idi euaBased on more than 650 interviews conducted over a two-year period in Jordan Lebanon, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, the study sheds light on the situation of trafficked adult workers in the Middle East

Access to health care in europe in times of crisis and rising xenophobia

idi eua2012 has been marked by a social and economic crisis that has generated austerity measures which are having an impact on social protection schemes, including healthcare services.

Mexican Migration to the United States

idi euaMigratory flows from Mexico to the United States may increase in the coming years, but will never return to the record levels of earlier this century, the study presented by the Migration Policy Institute in Washington and the Bank of Mexico.


idi euaAcross the European Union women constitute on average one third of people who apply for asylum in their own right.

Derechos Humanos en la Frontera Sur 2013

idi spaComo cada año, desde la Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía - APDHA dirigimos nuestra mirada a los flujos migratorios de personas que se dirigen a nuestro país desde el continente africano.

What Americans Want From Immigration Reform

idi euaAs the immigration debate in Washington heats up, more than 6-in-10 (63 percent) Americans agree that immigrants currently living in the country illegally should be allowed to become citizens provided they meet certain requirements, a new major survey finds.

Racism in Europe 2011-2012 - ENAR

idi euaRacism is a reality in the lives of many ethnic and religious minorities in the EU. However, the extent and manifestations of this reality are often unknown and undocumented, especially in official data sources, meaning that it can be difficult to analyse the situation and to establish solutions to it.

Violencia, vulnerabilidad y migración

idi spaDebido al endurecimiento de los controles fronterizos, Marruecos ya no es sólo un país de tránsito hacia Europa: es un destino forzado, lo que aumenta la vulnerabilidad de los migrantes.

Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict in the Amazon and the Andes

idi euaThere are two caveats about this report. First, the study of climate change, migration, and conflict or insecurity in this region is more predictive in nature, compared to the earlier reports in this series.

How free is free movement? - Migration Policy Institute

idi euaFree movement is at the heart of the European project. The right to work, study, live, and retire in another European Union (EU) Member State provides numerous social, cultural, and economic benefits for EU countries and citizens...

Relatório Nacional sobre Tráfico de Pessoas

idi braEntre 2005 e 2011 a Polícia Federal registrou 157 inquéritos por tráfico internacional de pessoas para fins de exploração sexual, enquanto que o  Poder Judiciário, segundo o Conselho Nacional de Justiça, teve 91 processos distribuídos.

Perfil Migratorio de Argentina 2012 - OIM

idi spaEl perfil migratorio de la OIM para Argentina confirma que la migración hacia el país sudamericano está en aumento, incluyendo el regreso de algunos de sus nacionales en el extranjero.

Guia de Referência para a Rede de Enfrentamento ao Tráfico de Pessoas no Brasil

idi braUm guia sobre Enfrentamento ao Tráfico de Pessoas foi lançado pelo Ministério da Justiça.

Hay alternativas: No a la detención de las personas inmigrantes

idi spaAmnistía Internacional presenta un nuevo informe: “Hay alternativas: No a la detención de las personas inmigrantes” en el que denuncia la detención generalizada e indiscriminada de inmigrantes

Documented Failures - the Consequences of Immigration Policy on the U.S.-Mexico Border

idi euaThis report presents systematic documentation of the experiences of migrant women, men and children repatriated from the United States to cities along Mexico's northern border

A Dinâmica Migratória na Área Metropolitana de Brasília

idi braA Dinâmica Migratória na Área Metropolitana de Brasília (AMB) entre 1991 e 2010 é o sexto volume da série Demografia em Foco do Núcleo de Estudos Populacionais, da Companhia de Planejamento do Distrito Federal (Codeplan).


Crise desperta desejo de migrar e brasileiros tentam emprego na Inglaterra e Japão


 Estagnação econômica leva mais brasileiros a cogitar migrar para trabalhar no exterior. Fenômeno ainda não é visto nas estatísticas, mas agências de empregos e empresas dizem que interesse aumentou nos últimos meses. Consulado do Japão em São Paulo reconhece aumento na procura por vistos de trabalho.

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Syria conflict: Internally displaced struggle to survive


 From the edge of Jaramana in eastern Damascus, you get a view of what was once a frontline in the battle for the Syrian capital. There is a cluster of buildings in the distance, with bits of steel and cement hanging from the edges, and the top floors almost completely collapsed. They are in Dukhaniya, once held by rebels, now under regime control.

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