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Italiani nel Mondo 2013 - Fondazione Migrantes

idi itaL’ottavo Rapporto Italiani nel Mondo (RIM) – più di 40 approfondimenti elaborati da 50 autori dall’Italia e dall’estero...

International migration and development

idi euaIn resolution 63/225, the General Assembly decided to hold a high-level  dialogue on international migration and development during its sixty-eighth session.  In resolution 65/170, the Assembly invited relevant organizations to contribute to the  report of the Secretary-General.

The World Migration Report 2013

idi euaThe World Migration Report 2013: Migrant Well-being and Development - the seventh report in IOM’s World Migration Report (WMR) series - focuses on the migrant, exploring the positive and negative effects of migration on individual well-being.

Citizenship, Values, and Cultural Concerns

idi euaMore than 6-in-10 (63%) Americans agree that the immigration system should deal with immigrants who are currently living in the U.S. illegally by allowing them a way to become citizens, provided they meet certain requirements.

Forced labour and trafficking in fisheries

idi euaRecent in-depth studies have described and analysed severe cases of forced labour and human trafficking in the fisheries sector...

Detention of migrants and asylum-seekers in Cyprus

idi euaEvery year, hundreds of people who flee to Cyprus to escape persecution, war or simply grinding poverty are put behind bars and detained as if they were criminals, even though they have committed no crime.

Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration in America’s New Non-Majority Generation

idi euaThere are significant disparities in the education, economic well-being, and health of children in the U.S. based on their race-ethnicity and whether or not their parents are immigrants...

Frontier Europe: Human Rights Abuses on Greece’s border with Turkey

idi euaRefugees and migrants trying to reach the EU via Greece from conflict-torn countries like Syria and Afghanistan are being unlawfully returned to Turkey by Greek coast and border guards...

I Piccoli Schiavi Invisibili

idi itaPubblicato in occasione della Giornata internazionale delle Nazioni Unite per l'abolizione della schiavitù...

La inmigración musulmana en Europa

idi spaLa obra nos acerca tres experiencias de inmigración musulmana en Europa: la de los turcos en Alemania, la de los argelinos en Francia y la de los marroquíes en España.

Trafficking in Human Beings Amounting to Torture and other Forms of Ill-treatment

idi euaThis research shows indeed very well the extent to which trafficking in human beings is associated with violence and human suffering, such that we can compare it and even consider it to be a form of torture...

Fundamental rights: challenges and achievements in 2012

idi euaThe report throws light on key developments at both EU and national level in areas such as: the negotiation of the EU asylum instruments...

Guía sobre la trata de mujeres

idi spaEsta Guía sobre Trata de Mujeres es el producto de tres años de investigación por parte de mujeres que han escapado de la trata.

Gli immigrati nel mercato del lavoro in Italia

idi itaIl ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali ha presentato il terzo rapporto annuale: "Gli immigrati nel mercato del lavoro in Italia".

Migrant Smuggling in the Horn of Africa & Yemen

idi euaGlobally, migration and mobility are important survival and poverty reduction strategies for a large and growing number of people.

La situación de las personas refugiadas en España 2013

idi spaEl año 2012 fue el que registró el menor número de solicitudes de asilo en España en los últimos 25 años.


idi euaThe significant majority of the victims are Eritrean refugees and asylum-seekers, who make up the vast majority of the population of the Shagarab camps. A number of Ethiopian refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants are also among the victims

Reclutamiento y contratación de trabajadores migrantes

idi spaEl documento, ¿Quo Vadis? Reclutamiento y contratación de trabajadores migrantes y su acceso a la seguridad social

Country Migration - The Philippines 2013

idi euaIOM and partners have issued the first Country Migration Report for the Philippines which gives a comprehensive overview of past and current trends in this most migratory of countries. It is the 40th such country report to be issued globally by IOM, helping to shape an overall picture of global human mobility.

Políticas migratórias e integración em América del Sur

idi spaEl informe analiza las políticas migratorias de Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Perú, Surinam, Uruguay y Venezuela.


Las pandillas obligan a los hondureños a abandonar sus hogares y sus tierras


 Mientras que las pandillas se aprovechan de los hondureños, miles de propietarios se ven obligados a dejar sus hogares y sus tierras atrás.

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Donne e migrazioni - dibattito al barcamp a roma sull'universo femminile delle migrazioni italiane


 Appuntamento a Roma alla Casa Internazionale delle Donne a conclusione del progetto  “Barcamp.Pari opportunità, donne e migrazioni”.  Ideato dalla rivista “noidonne” e finanziato dalla Presidenza del Consiglio - Dipartimento per le Pari Opportunità, il progetto ha raccolto via web, in pagine appositamente attivate,  testimonianze e riflessioni sulle e delle  donne migranti, sui loro problemi e necessità.

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