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Global Study on Smuggling of Migrants 2018


The first UNODC Global Study on Smuggling of Migrants shows that migrant smuggling routes affect every part of the world. The study is based on an extensive review of existing data and literature. It presents detailed information about key smuggling routes, such as the magnitude, the profiles of smugglers and smuggled migrants, the modus operandi of smugglers and the risks that smuggled migrants face. It shows that smugglers use land, air and sea routes - and combinations of those - in their quest to profit from people's desire to improve their lives. Smugglers also expose migrants to a range of risks; violence, theft, exploitation, sexual violence, kidnapping and even death along many routes.

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Go East! German internal migration reversed 1st time since fall of Berlin Wall


 More Germans are choosing to live in the former East Germany than West, according to the newly released statistics, and Berlin is the trend-breaker. The city attracts young Germans seeking opportunities in creative industries who can also tap into the relatively accessible property market. 

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Promueve Ángeles de la Frontera creatividad e interés por el arte entre niños de la ciudad


Artistas expositores del evento “Censurados Film Festival” con apoyo de la Organización Ángeles de la Frontera ofrecerán talleres de fotografía y animación tipo “stop motion”, a niños y jóvenes de la ciudad, como parte de las actividades culturales que dicha asociación que se dedica a la defensa de los migrantes realiza de forma cotidiana.

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