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Word Migration Report 2018


International migration is a complex phenomenon that touches on a multiplicity of economic, social and security aspects affecting our daily lives in an increasingly interconnected world. Migration is a term that encompasses a wide variety of movements and situations involving people of all walks of life and backgrounds. More than ever before, migration touches all States and people in an era of deepening globalization. Migration is intertwined with geopolitics, trade and cultural exchange, and provides opportunities for States, businesses and communities to benefit enormously. Migration has helped improve people’s lives in both origin and destination countries and has offered opportunities for millions of people worldwide to forge safe and meaningful lives abroad. Not all migration occurs in positive circumstances, however. We have in recent years seen an increase in migration and displacement occurring due to conflict, persecution, environmental degradation and change, and a profound lack of human security and opportunity. While most international migration occurs legally, some of the greatest insecurities for migrants, and much of the public concern about immigration, is associated with irregular migration.

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Card. Bassetti: sì allo ius soli, ok a nuova legge sulla cittadinanza


E’ un “provvedimento da sostenere e favorire”.

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Pedidos de refúgio no Brasil cresceram 800% nos últimos quatro anos


 O perfil de imigrantes que pedem refúgio no Brasil tem sofrido o impacto das crises humanitárias mundiais. O número de solicitações de refúgio no Brasil cresceu na ordem de 800% nos últimos quatro anos, saltando de 566, em 2010, para 5256 no ano passado.

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