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Fatal Journeys Volume 3: Improving Data on Missing Migrants

International Organization for Migration

Since 2014, more than 22,500 migrant deaths and disappearances have been recorded by the International Organization for Migration globally. The real figure could be much higher, but many deaths are never recorded. Fatal Journeys Volume 3 – Part 1 provides a global review of existing data sources, and illustrates the need for improvements in the ways that data on missing migrants are collected, analysed and communicated.

The report highlights three key ways in which to improve the collection, sharing and reporting of data on missing migrants. First, a growing number of innovative sources of data on missing migrants, such as “big data”, could be used to improve data on migrant fatalities. Second, much more could be done to gather data to increase identification rates, such as developing intraregional mechanisms to share data more effectively. Third, improving data on missing migrants also requires more thought and improved practice in the use and communication of such data. Improving information and reporting on who these missing migrants are, where they come from, and above all, when they are most at risk, is crucial to building a holistic response to reduce the number of migrant deaths.

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Fatal Journeys: Tracking Lives Lost during Migration

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Dezenas de milhares de migrantes processam governo alemão


 Volume de ações judiciais relacionadas a refúgio no país mais que duplicou em um ano e deve aumentar ainda mais. Muitos dos migrantes são sírios que querem ter direito de trazer seus parentes para a Alemanha.

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African Union underscores free movement of people to reduce dangerous migration


The African Union (AU) called on its member states to facilitate the free movement of people on the continent in a bid to reduce riskier forms of migration, mainly to Europe.

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