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Global Report on Internal Displacement 2017

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)

The 2017 Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID 2017) presents the latest data and trends of internal displacement by conflict and disasters worldwide. In 2016, one person per second was forced to flee.

This year’s report also looks at the connections between internal and cross-border displacement, the factors that force internally displaced people (IDPs) across borders, and the issue of refugees being returned home, only to become internally displaced again. The report highlights, that despite the fact that IDPs outnumber refugees by two to one, internal displacement is still neglected as an issue of global concern.

2016 was a year in which the global focus on refugees and migrants contrasted with little political attention to the millions of people displaced within their countries by conflict, violence and disaster. As the year progressed, global policy commitments to IDPs gradually lost momentum. The plight and needs of IDPs featured prominently during discussions at the World Humanitarian Summit in May: the UN Secretary-General called for renewed efforts to prevent internal displacement, address its root causes and support safe, dignified and durable solutions for internally displaced people, and suggested to establish a target of halving internal displacement globally by 2030.

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Nigeria, vietati i riti vudù che vincolano le donne alla tratta


...l'Oba (che vuol dire 're') Ewuare II, ossia la massima autorita' religiosa del popolo Edo (che vive in Nigeria e nella zona del delta del Niger), ha convocato nei giorni scorsi tutti i sacerdoti della religione tradizionale juju e, in una cerimonia solenne, ha formulato un editto in cui revoca tutti i riti vudu' di giuramento che vincolano le ragazze trafficate, obbligando i sacerdoti juju a non praticarne piu'.

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La fe religiosa influye en voto latino


El voto de los latinos varía según su religión: el apoyo al candidato demócrata a la presidencia de Estados UNidos, Barack Obama, es mayoritario entre católicos e hispanos sin afiliación religiosa, pero los protestantes evangélicos se muestran divididos, reveló el jueves el Pew Hispanic Center.

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